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smoke damage


Living with smoke damage is not only uncomfortable but it can also pose risks to your health. Knowing what risks smoke damage in your home can pose to your health may be just the push you need to get your smoke damage cleaned up and taken care of.


The first major health risk is problems with your breathing. Though the smoke is no longer present, the effects of the smoke linger in furniture, walls, carpet and more, which can all lead to problems breathing. Each time that you come in contact with the smoke-damaged area of your home, you risk inhaling soot and other particles that are left behind after the fire has cleared. This can cause issues with your sinuses, lungs and more which can end up causing greater health issues down the road.


Soot and smoke residue can also be a skin irritants and can cause damage to your skin. Smoke residue and soot can cause major irritation and drying that cannot be treated with things like lotion. In some cases, these issues may end up being more severe and may require medical attention. Though you can wash things like clothes and fabrics after they have incurred smoke damage, there may still be remnants of the smoke that continue to irritate the skin and cause discomfort.


Smoke and soot can also cause itchy, red, watery eyes that are never comfortable. Smoke damage, even when you cannot see it, can cause irritation and even damage to your eyes after a prolonged amount of time. If you are noticing any signs of eye irritation, consult with a doctor and have your property mitigated immediately.

Smoke damage can cause a wide range of issues, and as such, it is best to have this damage cleaned up as soon as it happens. Cleaning up smoke damage by professionals is the quickest way to avoid any health issues down the road. Affordable Home Works is a full-service fire, smoke and water restoration company. We offer immediate response to residential, commercial, industrial and commercial property owners and offer immediate assistance to properties that have experienced unexpected natural disasters such as smoke or flood damage.

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