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Recovery from water damage from a fire

water damage

If a fire breaks out in your home or the surrounding land space, there is no doubt that the amount of damage can potentially be catastrophic depending on the size of the blaze. Large or small, any fire will leave a certain amount of destruction to the property, which is not solely a result of the flames, but also a variety of effects and conditions from extinguishing the fire itself. Dangerous and destructive after effects can include the chemicals used to extinguish the flames, smoke and soot left within the remnants of the structure and most specifically, subsequent water damage from putting out the flames. A necessary element in fighting the fire but an element nonetheless, that can cause its own damage to the structure. 

As we all know in the process of putting out a fire, vast quantities of water are needed to fight and extinguish the flames. Depending upon the size of the fire, large quantities of water pumped through fire hoses will pump at a high speed, high pressure rate until the flames are completely out. Often this battle can take hours, which is a sight we have all seen time and time again during California fire season. A result everyone knows all too well this time of year. 

The consequence of this necessary action to put the fire out, is substantial water damage to the remaining structure. Resulting water damage can affect the foundation of the home, damage to a homeowners belongings and create a potential mold issue. And considering all of the potential issues as a result of putting out a fire, it is imperative as a homeowner to have the right emergency resources available immediately. Not only can the damage affect your home but more importantly it can affect your health, which is a risk far too high to take lightly. With this in mind, it is crucial to take necessary, swift action in the wake of a structure fire

Partnering with a highly trained, highly effective restoration service will make all of the difference as the sooner the damage is assessed, the sooner the work can begin and therefore, mitigate any further damage to the property. Time is of the essence and a trusted restoration resource will provide the much needed peace of mind to a homeowner during this stressful time.  The tools to alleviate stress will be a homeowners greatest resource of all and while full preparation may not be flawless, the foundation can certainly be planned. 

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