Everything You Need to Know Before Fire Restoration

Things to know before fire restoration begins


A home or business fire is devastating regardless of the size. The overwhelming amount of what to do and when to do it seems to grow by the minute. It’s a time of stress and emotion, confusion and panic. Large or small, a home or business fire will knock anyone back on their heels without a clear thought path as to “what’s next.”  The most helpful first step, once personal safety is met, is a good and thorough restoration service.

Fires happen frequently, some areas more than others but we always have a tendency to think of it in terms of “that won’t happen to me.” And while this thought might be true for any, fire is a common and devastating occurrence. Should you find yourself in the position of needing remediation from fire damage here are the top issues to know and what to expect before restoration begins:

  • First and foremost, call your restoration company. The work will be in their hands and assessment and management will be the initial scope of work. This is not something you want to do on your own. The list will feel insurmountable and cannot clearly and effectively be managed by you alone. Restoration companies have the training, expertise and experience in this process. Guidance and management throughout this most difficult and dangerous cleanup process is crucial. 
  • Contact your insurance agent. Again, a reliable resource to partner with is a vital component and one that will be woven throughout this list. Your insurance agent will be an integral and necessary ally in the cleanup and recovery process. An insurance agent will jump start the recovery process, filing the claims and establishing the starting point of the restoration. 
  • Personal safety and living arrangements will need to be made. This point is specifically valid if you have experienced a large-scale home fire. Living arrangements will also be part of the insurance process which will be addressed very early on in the proceedings. 
  • Understand that the restoration process will take time. There are a tremendous amount of moving parts involved within the clean-up and restoration process. Fires large or small have very specific safety procedures and protocols that must be followed to ensure the safety of all residents. This may seem like a very tedious and drawn-out process but ultimately it is in your best interest to let the scope of work unfold as it is meant to. Again, a reliable restoration resource will be the peace of mind and trust that is needed in this process. 

In the aftermath of a fire, the stress and emotional fallout will feel paralyzing at times. This is an experience that most people, while moderately prepared, are not fully prepared to handle.  The blanket of preparation begins with all of the right support systems in place. The right insurance, the right “in case of emergency” resources and ultimately the right clean up and restoration partners.  The tools to mitigate stress will be a homeowners greatest resource of all and while full preparation may not be flawless, the foundation can certainly be planned. 

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