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Recover From a Fire Quickly with AHW

Recovery from water damage from a fire If a fire breaks out in your home or the surrounding land space, there is no doubt that the amount of damage can potentially be catastrophic depending on the size of the blaze. Large or small, any fire will leave a certain amount of destruction to the property, […]

Fire Season and How to Protect your Surroundings

Everything you need to know about protecting your surroundings during fire season The term “defensible radius” easily conjures up images of large scale blockbuster movies of epic proportions with A- list casts and billion dollar budgets. It is not the sort of term that generally rolls off the tongue for the average suburban homeowner. While […]

What You Absolutely Need to Know about Fire Restoration

How long does the fire restoration process take? Just as no two fires are alike, no two cleanup and restoration processes will be alike either. To put it simply, the extent of the repair will be directly tied to the extent of the damage and can span weeks or months in either scenario. Regardless of […]

Leaking Pipes and Toxic Mold: How to Protect Yourself

How a simple pipe leak can create catastrophic damage in your home  Leaking pipes can be a serious headache for homeowners. Large or small, leaking pipes can cause a whole host of problems, including and certainly not limited to the development of mildew and mold from water damage. Undetected leaks and standing water are a […]

A Complete Guide to Disaster Restoration

Disaster Restoration: what you need to know It’s no secret that the world has experienced many natural disasters in the last few years. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported 2021 as being in second place for experiencing the most natural disasters within a calendar year.  Last year, the US saw two major floods, […]

Everything You Need to Know Before Fire Restoration

Things to know before fire restoration begins A home or business fire is devastating regardless of the size. The overwhelming amount of what to do and when to do it seems to grow by the minute. It’s a time of stress and emotion, confusion and panic. Large or small, a home or business fire will […]

Carbon Materials From a Fire Are Toxic. Here’s Why.

Carbon materials danger Fire of all shapes and sizes produce a tremendous amount of destruction and material consequence. With the ever growing reach of the California “fire season” and on-going range of wildfires, land and structure damage and loss is at an all-time high. One of the unexpected and ever growing concerns is the environmental […]

Why are Chemical Dangers of a Fire a Threat?

Chemical dangers of fire After a fire, the damage sustained by a building can be dangerous and significant. That resulting damage can pose a serious health risk to any persons in contact with the remaining structure. If improper fire restoration is not performed, the ensuing hazardous conditions and chemical dangers alone can become life threatening.  […]

Proper Fire Restoration: Critical to the Recovery Process

Fire restoration is not an option, it’s a necessity. After a fire, the aftermath and subsequent damage can be daunting and the residual impact of a fire can pose serious health risks. If the damaged structure is not treated properly and with tremendous skill and scrutiny the impending risks can be catastrophic to the inhabitants.  […]

Proper Fire Damage Assessment is Critical and This is Why

The necessity for proper and thorough fire damage assessment The first, most crucial and primary step of any fire restoration is damage assessment. There is no time to waste in implementing this essential step and can make the difference in the effectiveness and ease of repair of any damage.  The first step in assessment is […]