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Everything You Need to Know About Wildfires: Defensible Radius Zone

The term “defensible radius” easily conjures up images of large scale blockbuster movies of epic proportions with A- list casts and billion dollar budgets. It is not the sort of term that generally rolls off the tongue for the average suburban homeowner. While it might be common in your vocabulary, it’s likely a new term […]

What You Need to Know About Rain and Water Damage

Rain and water damage: Something you may not have thought you had, and now you do. Water damage can happen anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t take much for the source to reveal itself and when it does it can be a real headache as a homeowner. Unfortunately, a leak and resulting water damage is happening alot […]

Chemical Dangers Of A Fire Are A Big Threat

After a fire, the damage sustained by a building can be dangerous and significant. That resulting damage can pose a serious health risk to any persons in contact with the remaining structure. If improper fire restoration is not performed, the ensuing hazardous conditions and chemical dangers alone can become life threatening.  Simply and directly put, […]

What You Need to Do If Your Home Is Flooded

What to do in the first 24 hours A flooded home can be devastating and the cause can be a long list of possibilities. Whether internal or external causes, a flood must be handled with a swift and precise course of action, in order to mitigate the scope of damage and health dangers for you […]

What You Need to Do After a Fire

A disastrous occasion like a house fire can be one of the worst things to happen to any homeowner. In reality it can happen to anyone, anywhere and can happen through absolutely no mis-step of yours. It can simply just be a horrible accident. And while it will leave any homeowner lost and distraught, it […]

What You Need To Know For When This Rain Passes

Fire season may seem like a far cry to California residents right now. As we are entering another phase of this insane rainy season (it’s called a Bomb Cyclone..) we don’t exactly imagine how this could affect us when we move into the drier seasons and the rain is a distant memory. Well, unfortunately as […]

How To Protect Your Home from Rainwater Damage

Let’s be honest, in Southern California, no one thought that excessive rain would ever be a problem let alone our homes getting water and/or flood damage because of it. That kind of weather just doesn’t happen here. Fire season – yes, rainy season – no. Now here we are in the midst of another incoming […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Fire Safety

Top Tips for fire safety:  An ounce of prevention they say… and it is true. While that is in reference to heath, prevention of any sort is worth its weight in gold when it comes to protecting yourself, your family, your home and / or your business. There is no exception to this rule in […]

Ultimate Guide to Main Hazards Produced by Fire Damage

Fire Damage Hazards A fire can happen anywhere at any time. Constant attention to seemingly innocent causes is what makes the difference between a fire happening and not even though the potential causes are ever present.  It’s no secret that fires cause significant damage to a structure that can have residual effects to the property […]

Everything You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration and Its Timing

Timing is everything with water damage restoration As a homeowner there are many images or scenarios that create an absolute dream setting. The portrait of the perfect summer day with family and friends around the pool, the idyllic holiday gathering bursting with laughter and levity, or even a simple Wednesday night family dinner all around […]