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Living with smoke damage is not only uncomfortable but it can also pose risks to your health. Knowing what risks smoke damage in your home can pose to your health may be just the push you need to get your smoke damage cleaned up and taken care of.


The first major health risk is problems with your breathing. Though the smoke is no longer present, the effects of the smoke linger in furniture, walls, carpet and more, which can all lead to problems breathing. Each time that you come in contact with the smoke-damaged area of your home, you risk inhaling soot and other particles that are left behind after the fire has cleared. This can cause issues with your sinuses, lungs and more which can end up causing greater health issues down the road.


Soot and smoke residue can also be a skin irritants and can cause damage to your skin. Smoke residue and soot can cause major irritation and drying that cannot be treated with things like lotion. In some cases, these issues may end up being more severe and may require medical attention. Though you can wash things like clothes and fabrics after they have incurred smoke damage, there may still be remnants of the smoke that continue to irritate the skin and cause discomfort.


Smoke and soot can also cause itchy, red, watery eyes that are never comfortable. Smoke damage, even when you cannot see it, can cause irritation and even damage to your eyes after a prolonged amount of time. If you are noticing any signs of eye irritation, consult with a doctor and have your property mitigated immediately.

Smoke damage can cause a wide range of issues, and as such, it is best to have this damage cleaned up as soon as it happens. Cleaning up smoke damage by professionals is the quickest way to avoid any health issues down the road. Affordable Home Works is a full-service fire, smoke and water restoration company. We offer immediate response to residential, commercial, industrial and commercial property owners and offer immediate assistance to properties that have experienced unexpected natural disasters such as smoke or flood damage.

Five Surprising and Uncommon Causes of Fire and Water Damage

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We know that you want to keep your family or employees and property, safe from harm. And although you can’t control a natural disaster that brings about floods or fires, there are a few things to take note of around the house or office that can help you avoid potential property damage.

Many items or bad habits you employ can possibly lead to fire or water damage. And since we already know the obvious issues, we have decided to look at some of the uncommon causes of fire and water damage in this post.


It’s pretty common knowledge that the most common places that fires occur in the home are in the kitchen, usually from cooking. But what are some of the more uncommon causes of fire damage? We have a look at a few here.


You’ve done the science experiment as a kid. You know that when light passes through a magnifying glass, a fire can start if the glass is pointed at a flammable object. Even though this may sound like a stretch, light passing through an empty jar or crystal object can also start a fire.

If the light is refracted by these items towards, say, paper or curtains with enough time, a fire can start. Where do you keep your glass items? Time to take stock.


Although dishwashers are our handy helpers in the kitchen, they can also be dreaded fire starters. And not just because they are electrical appliances. When a faulty dishwasher has water dripping onto the machine’s internal wires, it can cause a fire.

The trick with all your electrical devices is to include them on a regular maintenance schedule to keep them in tip-top shape. This will ensure you have no surprise fires starting in and around the house.


Although 9-volt batteries aren’t very powerful; if you don’t dispose of them properly, they can be hazardous.

If the battery’s posts somehow come in contact with a piece of metal and the piece of metal then touches an item that’s flammable, like a piece of paper or magazine, you’ll find a fire can start.

Before disposing of your old batteries, place a piece of tape on the posts; that way, you can be sure that you should be safe even if they find their way next to a piece of metal.

Also, be on the lookout for a local recycling depot or company that will dispose of batteries correctly.


Not our trusty work companions! As we’re sure you’ve felt for yourself, laptops create quite a bit of heat when operating for several hours, and actually, most PCs and even gaming equipment are prone to overheating.

No matter whether it’s dust, a malfunction or even an electrical shortage that is the cause, these devices can start a fire if close to a flammable item due to the extreme heat they create.


Okay, now we know you think we are crazy. But think about your dust bunnies. Come on; we know you have some – they’re in those hard-to-reach places like under the beds or sofas. If these dust bunnies travel close to a wall socket or a heating appliance, they can ignite.

What will happen is sparks will fly towards them, and then once they catch fire, they may spread to nearby furniture or other flammable objects. Make sure you are checking under your furniture for dust bunnies and vacuuming them up regularly.


Of course, the most common causes of water damage are severe weather conditions, burst pipes, sewage backups and problematic HVAC units. But let’s take a look at the more unexpected causes of water damage here.


How often do you check that your gutters are not blocked or damaged? We’re guessing the answer is not too often. I mean, who can even see their gutters or even notice them.

But another critical item to be on a regular maintenance schedule is gutters. If your gutter is clogged, water can pool up on the outside and inside of your home or building. This can lead to water damage and mold growth.


Using water to contain a fire is essential. But this in itself can cause a lot of property damage. And the mix of soot and water is quite damaging to your furnishings and property. We are often unaware of how extensive this water damage can be, and if unlucky, this water damage can lead to mold growth.


Finding fire and water restoration companies that provide you with all the tools and options that you need to get your property back to its original state, whether dealing with fire or flood damage, is essential.

At Affordable Home Works Restoration, we take care of the entire fire water restoration process beyond what can be seen at a glance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn why homeowners and big businesses trust us to restore, rebuild and recover their property after damage.

Fire Damage Restoration | Fire Restoration Near Me | Home Restoration

Everything You Should Know About Fire Damage Restoration 

A home fire can be one of the most devastating disasters anyone can experience. Our homes provide shelter, yes, but they’re also the primary source of safety and security. Holding memories, keepsakes, and irreplaceable heirlooms. Losing that can be devastating, disorienting, and can leave you with a lot of questions. 

Between the shock, the grief, and the overwhelm, it can be impossible to know where to begin. 

You’ll need to know who to call and what to expect. Where can you stay? What happens to all the furniture? Can we still live here? 

With Affordable Home Works, you don’t have to face it alone. We’re here to help every step of the way while with a team of restoration experts. 

Let’s take a look at the fire damage restoration process. 

What Is Considered Fire Damage? 

The technical definition of fire damage is damage to any physical structure or property caused by burning. But what does this really mean? 

Fire damage includes damage to physical structures inside and outside and damage caused by smoke, soot, or other hazards like lead or asbestos. 

Often, fire and water damage will occur simultaneously. As the fire burns, pipes, faucets, or hot water tanks can melt, causing pipes to burst. As the fire department puts out the fire, the structure is flooded with water, which can cause additional damage. 

Common Damage Caused By Fire 

Beyond the visible damage caused by burning is underlying and sometimes catastrophic destruction, especially if it isn’t addressed immediately. 

Some of the most common damages are:

  • Damaged air ducts 
  • Warped wood in floors, doorways, and frames
  • Plumbing damage
  • Mold from potential water damage
  • Exposure of hazardous materials in the structure 
  • Chemical damage from the fire department
  • Personal item damage to rugs, furniture, etc.
  • Electrical system impairment 
  • HVAC damage
  • Appliance damage

Other types of damage can include damage to outside structures or other parts of the attached property. 

Affordable Home Works is an all in one restoration service that can assess and repair damage to crawl spaces, basements (including sewage backups that can happen from fire damage), mold removal and remediation. However complex the damage from a fire may seem, we can handle it all. 

When To Consider Home Restoration Services

A typical restoration process can take several weeks to complete as a non-professional, and longer if you’re trying to continue working during daytime hours.

Depending on the extent of the destruction, you may not be able to reside in the home during the restoration process either. Plus, proper restoration requires tools that can be costly for one-time use or unavailable for non-licensed use.  

Fire damage restoration can be an overwhelming process for homeowners, even if the fire is small. The extra time invested in clean-up, grief, and the frustration of living out of a hotel can have you at wits end. 

Consider home restoration services to speed up the restoration process, ensure restoration is thorough, and help reconstruction efforts. The last thing you need in the event of a home fire is to discover missed damage months or even years later. One small piece of damage can lead to more expensive repairs and replacements down the road.  

A reputable company will have professional tools like deodorizers, thermal imaging cameras, dehumidifiers, HEPA vacuums, moisture meters, industrial fans, specialized cleaning products to remove smoke smells and soot without damaging surfaces or fibers, and more. 

A home restoration service is well equipped to handle all the ups and downs while also dealing with insurance companies. 

What’s Involved In The Process Of Fire Damage Restoration 

Before restoration can begin, authorities must clear the property for safety. This is usually done by the fire department or first responder team. Without this, no one will be able to access the property legally. The next step is to contact the insurance company. 

Once those steps are completed, a team of professionals can begin the process of fire damage restoration. First, Affordable Home Works will assess the damage. Some factors we consider are the size of the fire, damage to the structure, electrical wiring, water pipes, insulation, mold, and smoke damage. 

Once the assessment is completed, the real work begins. Large debris and remaining household items may be removed. If the fire damaged the roof or burned through external walls, those areas will be boarded up or closed with a tarp. The physical structure and property may be fenced in with caution tape or temporary fencing.  

Next, demolition can start. This includes removal of damaged drywall and other materials that may have fallen during the fire. During this stage, any water caused by the fire or from the emergency response team will be removed. 

Soot will be cleaned from all remaining surfaces with specialized cleaning products. Carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture will be cleaned. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers will be used to mitigate the smoke odor. 

Finally, repairs and replacements can begin. All water pipes, electric wires, HVAC systems, and gas lines will be checked, assessed, and replaced if needed. 

It’s best to check with your home owners insurance agent to determine what costs may be covered. Almost almost standard homeowners insurance policies cover smoke damage, but they can vary for repairs beyond that. 

Affordable Home Works Is The Premier Home Restoration Service 

Our team of professionals comply with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certificate (IICRC). We provide comprehensive restoration services from water and fire damage to crawl space and basement mold. 

We work with the insurance company and have a structural repair and building reconstruction team in house. With 30 years of expertise, AHW is committed to turning devastating turmoil into organized recovery you can trust. 

We specialize in both residential and commercial property restoration services and are available 24/7 for all your disaster needs. 

Give us call at 951-261-8075 or contact us online for a free estimate or to get started on your home restoration service today. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make you feel right at home when the unthinkable happens. 

Disaster Restoration: Your Ultimate Guide

A Complete Guide to Disaster Restoration

disaster restoration

It’s no secret that the world has experienced many natural disasters in the last few years. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported 2021 as being in second place for experiencing the most natural disasters within a calendar year. 

Last year, the US saw two major floods, three tornado outbreaks, one widespread drought and heatwave event, four tropical cyclones, one winter storm event across the South and Texas, and one widespread wildfire event combined from Arizona to Washington. 

We don’t know about you, but we prefer to be armed with information, just in case. This is your complete guide to disaster restoration after an unexpected weather event. We’ll go over what counts as a natural disaster, common types of home damage, and what to expect in disaster restoration services. 

What Is Disaster Restoration? 

Disaster restoration is the process of restoring a property back to its original condition after damage caused by a natural disaster. 

Natural disaster restoration can be a dangerous process. The damage caused to structures can create more hazards that are best handled by a team of experts who can professionally guide you through the process.  

What Counts As A Disaster?

Simply put, any catastrophic weather event can be considered a natural disaster. To be certain, here is the list of weather events that qualify, according to FEMA.

  1. Winter Storm
  2. Flood
  3. Tornado
  4. Hurricane
  5. Earthquake
  6. Wildfire 
  7. Avalanche 
  8. Hail
  9. Drought
  10. Coastal Flooding
  11. Ice Storm
  12. Landslide
  13. Lightning 
  14. Tsunami
  15. Volcanic Activity 
  16. Extreme Heat/Cold

Here in California, the most common types of natural disasters are floods, fires, and earthquakes. 

Common Types Of Home Damage From Natural Disasters

Since the most common natural disasters in California are floods, fires, and earthquakes, we’ll focus on those here. 

Flood Damage

Flooding can be caused by weather events, yes, but that isn’t the only cause. Urbanization strains existing sewer lines. When a natural disaster, like coastal flooding happens, the effects can cause flooding inland from sewer system issues. 

Damage to homes from flooding can include structural damage to drywall, insulation, electrical wires, or damage to a foundation. 

Earthquake Damage

The most common home damage from an earthquake is structural. Columns, foundations, beams, walls, roofs, and ceilings can shift dramatically and quickly. In severe cases, this type of damage can cause collapse. 

As the structures can be damaged through a small magnitude earthquake too, damage to your home will still most likely be structural. Damaged columns, foundations, or beams can disrupt duct work, water, gas, and electrical lines. 

Fire Damage

Fires can cause catastrophic damage to the structural integrity of a home, but burning can spread across property to other structures too. 

Fire damage often leaves behind water damage either from burning of pipes or damage to a hot water heater. This simultaneous water damage can also come from the first responder efforts to put out the fire. 

Further, fires destroy furniture, carpets, and personal belongings. If not from the flames then from left over soot or smoke damage. 

What To Do In The Aftermath Of A Natural Disaster 

As you try to grapple with the reality of the damage, many emotions may take over. Shock, panic, grief, overwhelm, anger, or sadness. Don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you through the whole process. 

The first step is to wait for emergency responders to clear the property for safety. In widespread natural disaster events, this can take a while as the number of calls is high. Try not to give in to the temptation to enter the property to assess the damage for yourself until the structure has been cleared. Without the clearance, it may be illegal to enter the property for any reason. 

Once it’s cleared, be sure to call the insurance company. 

What To Expect For Disaster Restoration 

After the property is cleared for safety and the insurance company has been notified, it’s time to contact a restoration service. A reputable service will be licensed, insured, IICRC-certified, knowledgeable and friendly. 

Give Affordable Home Works a call. Our team of IICRC professionals are available 24/7 for all your emergency needs. Upon arrival, we’ll start the assessment process.  

Some factors considered in the assessment are the size of the property and structure, type of natural disaster damage, water lines and pipes, potential mold damage, smoke and soot clean up, and electrical damage. 

Once the assessment is complete, the AFW team will provide an estimate of the cost of disaster restoration. 

Then, we’ll begin boarding up the outside damage or using tarps to temporarily cover any structure damage to exterior walls. This step is to mitigate any further damage. 

The next steps are dependent on the assessment, damage, and the type of natural disaster. Most often, large debris is removed at this step and remaining personal belongings like furniture may be removed. 

Finally, our team of expert reconstructionists will make a plan to repair, rebuild, and restore your property to its original condition down to the structural core. 

While most home owners insurance covers fire damage, not all cover flood or earthquake damage. It’s best to check with your insurance company throughout the process. This ensures that everyone involved is informed on pricing, the disaster restoration progress, and estimated timelines.

Affordable Home Works Is Your Comprehensive Disaster Restoration Service 

At AFW, we’re committed to providing expert customer service 24/7. Our team of dedicated professionals are certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certificate (IICRC). We service both commercial and residential properties. 

Affordable Home Works is proud to offer 30 years of expertise. And, as we like to say, turning turmoil into organized recovery through the disaster restoration process. 

Our goal is to help you return home as quickly as possible by providing guaranteed quality services.

In addition to restoration services, we are specialized in mold remediation, basement and sewer flooding clean-up, attic and crawl space mold remediation, board up services, and water and fire damage restoration. 

We’re available at all times at 951-261-8075 or contact us online for a free estimate or to get started on your disaster restoration service today. 

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Fast-track Reconstruction

Our IICRC-certified technicians will evaluate your entire building down to the structural core. We create a plan that recovers, repairs and rebuilds damaged aspects, making sure it is safe and ready for occupants. 

When your home is damaged or needs capital improvements, it’s important to make sure it is rebuilt to existing health, safety and building standards. Even minor damage can be triggered by a major underlying and unseen issue. AHW’s structural repair and building reconstruction teams combine the expertise of large-scale general contractors with over 30 years of experience in disaster mitigation and restoration.

AHW specializes in both residential and commercial reconstruction.

Home Restoration | Disaster Restoration | Fire Restoration

At Affordable Home Works, we’re dedicated to providing the best disaster restoration services in the industry. Our team works around the clock to help get you and your family back into your home or business and on with your life.

We provide water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, mold remediation and all associated repairs and remodeling.

Give us a call, 951.733.9027.